Terms Of Service

Date Updated: 10-20-2021
Our process is transparent and straightforward, we deliver projects in milestones, and every milestone is secured with Escrow protection. You have complete control over project delivery and payments, so we decided to keep our Terms Of Service short and straightforward.

Following Terms of Service apply to the Agreement between Wsketch("Company") and yourself as the other Party entering into this Agreement ("Client"). Client and CraftSite are from now on jointly referred to as the "Parties" and each separately as a "Party".


Wsketch provides web design and no-code development services. Wsketch will deliver services according to the Scope of Work stated in the proposal and additional notes and comments that are mutually agreed during the discovery phase. As a result, the client will get the website designed and developed and hosted with a cloud-based website building platform.


The company can design and develop the website based on the initial concept, or other sources of inspiration agreed during the discovery phase. The approved design concept can be modified and edited during the delivery phase. Extra charges will be applied if the client wants to change the approved concept.

Web Copy

Website copy is out project scope of work. The client must provide a website copy. Otherwise, Wsketch will write the copy based on its understanding of the client's business. Changing website copy is easy. Wsketch will provide detailed instructions on how to do it so that client could change it at any point later. Web copy can't be a roadblock to completing the milestone.

Other Materials

Wsketch will use licensed stock images, graphical elements approved by the Customer. Customers can also provide extra materials like logos, graphical elements, specific color palettes. If the Customer wants to use graphical elements or stock images from 3d party marketplace of his/her choice, extra charges may apply.

Start Date

Projects start after the client funds the first milestone and fills the project brief.


Website delivery is a creative process, and our customers are more than welcome to participate in it. We don't limit you in a number of requests and revisions that you can make during the milestone delivery. But you should understand that we may decline some of your requests if we don't have tech capabilities to deliver them.

Domain And Hosting

You can pick a registrar of your choices like Godaddy or Namecheap to register the domain name. However, Wsketch creates websites using a cloud-based website building platform, which means that you can't pick the hosting provider or technologies that we will use to deliver the project.


Once Wsketch completes the project, and you release the payment for the last milestone, we will transfer the project to your personal account in a cloud-based website building platform. It's done with a click of a mouse.


We deliver the project in milestones as described in the proposal. We work with customers from around the world, and to make the process safe and simple for all parties, we use Upwork Direct Contracts and Escrow protection. We start work when you fund the milestone, and you release the payment after you approve the milestone.


Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights that Wsketch creates within the scope of the project belong to the Customer. However, the Customer does not own intellectual property rights created outside the scope of the project or which were already owned by Wsketch before the project started.

Term and Termination

Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, upon 7 days' written notice.

Personal Data

Wsketch will collect and process your personal and business data to deliver the project. Wsketch won't sell your personal or business data and will immediately notify you in case of a data breach.

Governing Law And Dispute Resolution

The Agreement and any disputes arising hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction Company business location.